How to Sell on Gumroad

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This intuitive online marketplace is an untapped resource that you may need to start selling your digital products online. It’s important to stay aware of as many resources as possible when selling online. Gumroad is one of, if not the simplest, platform for selling digital goods on the web. In this article, I will discuss what Gumroad is and how to sell effectively on the platform. 


  1. What is Gumroad?
  2. What Can You Sell on Gumroad?
  3. Gumroad Sales Tips
  4. Who Can Sell Products on Gumroad?
  5. What Are Some of the Benefits of Using Gumroad?
  6. Is Gumroad a Good Fit for You? 

What Is Gumroad? 

Gumroad is a marketplace where virtually anyone may sell almost anything. The process is wonderfully simple and transparent, with none of the problems associated with some of the more popular platforms.

More than 98,994 creators have sold their work on the marketplace for a total of $536 million. These innovators operate in a variety of fields, including education, music, sports, and humor. On Gumroad, even dance and theater fans can find a home.

What Can You Sell on Gumroad?

Consider digital products when creating your Gumroad page. Apps, eBooks, films, images, music, plans, and printables are just a few examples that come to mind. Sewing patterns, DIY furniture templates, dance class tickets, golf instructions, digital and printable art, brushes and icons to utilize in your creations, and more are all available.

The core focus is digital products. Gumroad, also allows you to sell memberships and physical products, making it a viable alternative to the Etsy marketplace, which is popular among creatives.

14 Benefits to Selling on Gumroad

  1. Exposure to Alot of Traffic 
  2. No Monthly Fees
  3. Built In Affiliate Programs 
  4. Easy Start Up 
  5. Control Quantity, Pricing, Coupons, and more…
  6. Built in Email Marketing 
  7. No 3rd Party Website Required
  8. Easy Product Delivery 
  9. Weekly Payouts 
  10. Simple Analytics 
  11. Chargeback Support 
  12. Pixel Traffic
  13. Recurring Membership Option 
  14. Customizable Sales Pages 
Gumroad Sales Tips 
You don’t need a lot of amazing products to make money on Gumroad; in fact, one great product could make you a lot of money. That is the first criterion, and all other considerations are useless if you don’t deliver quality with each item you offer.

Utilize “Pay What You Want” (aka Free) Products to Build Your List . Free creates a list for you, allowing you to upsell and retarget new clients. Free generates goodwill. Customers who are just surfing Gumroad for products are unlikely to recognize you. Adding value to their lives will put you on their radar.
Following checkout, customers will view related products (which may Be your paid products).

Add your Social and web pixels to easily retarget visitors off of the platform. Create custom audiences and ads for Google, Facebook (where I spend most of my budget) Twitter and other platforms.

If you want, you can track several products and establish various audiences for them.

You can either promote the same thing they were looking at or a different but related product (which can be sold on or off Gumroad).

Gumroad allows you to set a limit on how many units of a product you sell.

This is a terrific way to encourage early purchases and reward your most loyal customers with a special “early bird” price.

If I’m releasing a new program, I usually do so in “waves.”

  • It guarantees that your first users receive greater attention. I can ensure that all defects are identified early and that I don’t have more customer support tickets than time to resolve them since I limit the number of users and the duration between waves. Buyers who paid 50% less are far more relaxed about minor faults (I make it clear that there may be some in the sales copy).
  • It assists you in gathering testimonials and receiving feedback. Excellent sales copy necessitates testimonials! To get testimonials, you must get your product in front of as many people as possible. Scarcity will result in more purchases, which means you’ll be able to build pleased users more rapidly.

While Gumroad doesn’t have a lot of text formatting options, it does allow for a lot. You can’t utilize bold colors or unique typography, but you can use the most basic, powerful formatting options like headers, bold, and italics.

gumroad format options

They aren’t the most enticing solutions, but they work! It makes your information easier to skim, and potential buyers can rapidly get a sense of what you’re selling so they can make the best purchasing decision possible, which is to buy!

Who Can Sell Products on Gumroad?

“If you can build things, you can sell it on Gumroad,” the site says. Simply sign up, and you’ll be able to start selling in minutes. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have design abilities to construct a landing page, though it helps. As a result, practically anyone can join Gumroad, with the exception of some payment processing limits.

Direct bank deposits are currently available to creators in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, any country whose people can accept PayPal payments can sell on the platform. Gumroad is continuing to expand this list, so keep checking back if your nation isn’t listed yet.

Gumroad is also open to individuals who may not have the financial capacity to pay in advance because it is not required. Gumroad, which formerly had a tiered approach, now allows you to create your landing page and sell your products for free. You only have to pay if you make a profit.

The website collects 9% of your initial transactions. As you reach higher sales milestones, the percentage drops to 7% at $1000, 5% at $10,000, 3% at $10,000, and 2.9 percent at $1M. While a million dollars may appear to be a large sum, it has been achieved by six creators using the site.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using Gumroad?

You can customize your landing page in any way you want, which will help you stand out from the crowd. Gumroad also allows you to use a simple code snippet to integrate a follow form from your page onto an existing website or blog. This will allow you to generate interest elsewhere while keeping track of transactions in one spot.

You have more control over what you sell thanks to the listing and payment options. Gumroad allows you to build a single listing with many versions of a product at various pricing points. You can let your consumers pay whatever they wish or provide them with a simple discount code. In addition to US dollars, the platform supports a variety of other currencies.

Gumroad makes it simple for your consumer to check out. If it’s a download, they’ll be able to experience your stuff in seconds. Customers who create an account on the platform get access to a library when they make a purchase. It will be much easier to locate and download the item if you create an account.

When it comes to subscriptions, your clients will also profit from having options. They don’t have to commit for the entire year because Gumroad offers a variety of subscription alternatives. Monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly are the options.

Is Gumroad a Good Fit for You?

Gumroad is a respectable marketplace for downloadables, even though it isn’t as well-known as its competitor, Etsy. It was created by and for creators, and it shows. The things you may offer are practically unlimited, and you have intuitive options for listing, customizing your page, and reaching out to your audience.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, the platform provides a wealth of tools and advice to help you stand out. Furthermore, you’ll be playing on a much more even playing field. With a simple checkout process and an optional content library, your clients will have a great experience.

You have a lot of alternatives for selling your work to people all around the world thanks to the internet, and a platform like Gumroad can be just what you need to get started or stay going.


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