5 Best Press Release Distribution Services of 2022 (Ranked)

best press release distribution services article

It’s not simple to get your company the attention it deserves in the media.

Building relationships with reporters and editors that will give you the attention you need to grow requires time and work.

Your brand identity grows by choosing the correct sources that portray you in the best possible light, similar to guest blogging.

As a result, a press release distribution service is employed to aid in the spreading of information regarding your most recent product launch or corporate milestone.

Because press releases are one of the most effective marketing techniques for digital growth, many digital marketing agencies include press release distribution in their ongoing services.

Because many business owners are unaware of how critical it is to pinpoint the objective of a press release, knowing which service provides the highest return on investment is critical.

I’ll go over the top press release distribution services available right now in this article.

This will be influenced by a range of factors, including:

  • The extent of the distribution.
  • The benefits that you’ll obtain from various services.
  • The time it takes for the press release to be published on the internet.
  • And there are plenty more.

Let’s get this party started.

What Are The Best Press Release Distribution Services?

The following are the best press release distribution services as of right now.

 1. PR WEB 

Best for releasing your press release to hundreds of sources.

pr web press release distribution serivces

PRWeb allows you to make the most of their distribution network by syndicating your release to their network of sources.

PRWeb now has new and updated capabilities that make it simple for reporters and bloggers to incorporate multimedia content in your release, which will help you increase digital word-of-mouth.

PRWeb can help you get the word out whether you’re launching a new product, announcing the advent of a virtual conference platform, or discussing company news.

PRWeb also provides assured press release distribution across all major search engines, news sites, social media channels, blogs, and podcasts, allowing you to effortlessly develop your content.

This is beneficial for improving your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by increasing the number of backlinks to your website.

Key Features:

  • -Make use of PRWeb’s tools to create a narrative that will capture the public’s interest.
  • -Allow PRWeb to distribute your press release to selected media outlets based on editorial focus, region, and circulation size.
  • -To draw attention to your social media links, use photographs, videos, and quotes.
  • -Increase your brand’s visibility, resulting in a major change in how your target audiences interact with your content across several online channels.


pricing for press release service prweb

PRWeb offers the following pricing plans:

  • Basic: $99 per news release
  • Standard: $189 per news release
  • Advanced: $289 per news release
  • Premium: $389 per news release

2. PR Underground.

Best for those wanting to be featured on Google News

pr underground press release


PR Underground makes distributing press releases, managing media relations, and tracking social engagement simple and quick.

PR Underground can assist you with developing interesting content or reaching the right people at the right time.

PR Underground makes it easy to create powerful news stories with their press release builder.

These press releases are then delivered to over 80 online news sites via Google News, Bing, Twitter/Apple News/Instaper, and Google News.

This means you can develop content rapidly, distribute it to certain media outlets, and track the outcomes.

Create a linked newsroom to house all of your content in one place, complete with connections to your press releases, images, and video.

Key Features:

  • -Minutes after you send out your press release, it may appear in Google News for keyword combinations from your headline.
  • -Your press release is distributed to more than 80 regional online news websites, allowing you to immediately reach a big and diverse audience.
  • -Send a customized outreach message to the right journalists and influencers.
  • -PR Underground can help you with more than just distribution; they also provide media monitoring tools. This allows you to keep track of how many times your press release has been posted on social media as well as what people are saying about it.
  • -You can also see related trends from all major social media networks, such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, on your press release.


pr underground pricing

There are four pricing plans available, as follows:

  • Starter: $49.99 per release
  • Gold: $99 per month
  • Premium: $149 per month
  • Prumax: $309 per release (up to 750 words)

3. PR Newswire.

Best for sharing captivating material with your target audience.

pr newswire homepage

PR Newswire was intended to help you listen to your customers, share your story with the media, create engaging content, and assess the performance of your campaigns.

If you want to accomplish all of this, PR Newswire might be the best option for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned PR pro or a newbie, PR Newswire will equip you with the tools you need to effectively distribute newsworthy material across social media, search engines, and top-tier publications.

You may use PR Newswire’s services to develop compelling content that will improve demand, reader engagement, client connections, and investment trust.

PR Newswire offers an excellent range of branding and measurement tools to help you evaluate the success of your campaigns in addition to top-tier distribution.

Using their technology, keeping track of emerging concerns, influencing conversations, and making the best distribution decisions becomes easy.

Key Features:

  • -To increase brand exposure and revenue, PR Newswire allows you to connect with and interact with your target audience.
  • -Create a multimedia newsroom to display your company’s top stories, RSS feeds, and press releases.
  • -Use PR Newswire’s tools to create intriguing content and find possibilities to be featured in relevant media.
  • -You’ll be able to engage with thought leaders and key influencers when you use PR Newswire’s industry-leading network to deliver your message.
  • -The keys to a successful communications program are communication strategy and execution, which is why PR Newswire offers an unrivaled range of planning and measurement tools.


No information regarding pricing is displayed on their website. You’ll have to sign up for an account (the signup process is free) to get more information about this.

4. EIN Presswire.

Best for going live with a press release within a few hours.

ein presswire press release distribution services

EIN Presswire is a great option to explore if you’re searching for a straightforward way to produce and upload press releases.

They let you use their wire service to distribute your releases and partner with other wire services and search engines.

Journalists and bloggers will have an easier time finding your article as a result of this. You can also use their platform to keep track of the number of people who have seen your release.

During business hours, it takes about an hour to check releases for distribution, and it takes six hours overnight and on weekends.

They will send out a press release right away if it is authorized without being scheduled to go up at a later date.

This also implies that you have the option of scheduling the release for a future date and time.

Key Features:

  • -With a single click, they can reach millions of individuals through their vast network of reputable news sites.
  • -Obtain coverage on relevant websites that discuss issues that are closely related to your business.
  • -Make connections with journalists and media influencers to help spread the word about your story.
  • -Budget options that are both inexpensive and cost-effective allow you to make an impact without breaking the bank.


ein presswire pricing guide press releases

  • Basic: $99.95 for news release
  • Pro+: $399 for ten releases plus 4 for free
  • Corporate: $999 for 50 releases plus 10 for free

When it comes to the Pro+ and Corporate plans, the free press releases are a special offer happening now, meaning they might not be there forever.

4. 24-7 Press Release.

24-7 pressrelease homepage pr distribution service

24-7 Press Release‘s user-friendly, proprietary cloud-based platform is ideal if you want to distribute your news to both traditional and digital media.

You can also use their platform to create media alerts, pitch stories, and track coverage.

Because they have a large network of media contacts in both traditional and digital media, your release is likely to be picked up by major news outlets.

Their principal function is to provide a platform for marketing your business or brand in the manner that you desire.

24-7 Press Release has a wealth of knowledge in the field of press releases, having provided them for many years.

You will have complete control over what is said and how it is presented for the most part.

When you utilize this service, your news is also shared with popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others.

Key Features:

  • -Their web distribution partners can help you get more exposure by publishing your story for their audiences to read.
  • -For as long as you wish, your news release will be available on the Press Release Newswire website, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • -24/7 Press Release not only distributes your news to journalists, bloggers, and customers, but it also provides website owners with new original content that can be shared online to increase brand awareness.


24-7 prcing guide press release

There are five pricing plans available on Newswire, which are as follows:

  • Simple Post: $19 per release
  • Visibility Boost: $49 per release
  • PR Network PLUS: $89 per release
  • Integrated Media PRO: $139 per release
  • Mass Media Visibility: $389 per release

What are Press Release Distribution Services?

Press release distribution services are online media platforms that allow you to submit a press release and have it distributed to news organizations, blogs, social networking sites, journalists, newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

If you want to spread the word about your company and let people know what you’re up to, press releases may be one of the most effective ways to accomplish it.

This strategy is commonly used by businesses to increase their visibility and trustworthiness.

It’s also a terrific technique to get the attention of the media. The top press release distribution services have a wide reach and can assist you in getting your message in front of the correct people.

There are numerous press release services accessible, but not all of them are created equal.

The best ones have a wide reach, are simple to use, and offer a wide range of services to help you convey your message as effectively as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the top traits to look for in a press release service.

Attributes of a Good Press Release Distribution Service

These are the following qualities that you should look for before deciding on a press release distribution company for your business.

A Good Reach

The top press release services have a wide reach, so they can help you reach as many people as possible with your message. This entails getting your story published in prominent newspapers, periodicals, and news websites, particularly those covering your industry.

If they are in a different field and have no interest in the products or services being offered, no one wants to read about how fantastic a firm is.

Furthermore, a broad reach improves the likelihood that your story will be picked up by other media sites, giving you more exposure as a result of the first press release.

Distribution channels

When choosing a press release distribution company, the channels they have access to are essential.

Examples of channels include:

  • -Social media marketing
  • -Online directories
  • -Media outlets and websites
  • -Outbound websites

Larger organizations that have been established for a long period typically have access to more outlets than their competitors.

The easiest approach to find out which ones they utilize is to look at their website or directly ask them.

After you’ve found a company with a large number of high-quality distribution channels, you’ll need to figure out how many press releases you can send out at once to various outlets.

If you need a large number of items delivered rapidly, you’ll want a solution that won’t break the bank or need a significant lead time.

With many of the biggest press release agencies providing information to networks like ABC, CBS, Cision, Fox, NBC, and others, it’s critical to understand how much exposure you’ll gain.

Ease of Use

It’s simple to employ the top press release distribution services.

This entails having a user-friendly interface that makes submitting and tracking your press release simple.

You should also be able to receive assistance if you require it.

Customer service specialists from the best organizations can answer your inquiries and assist you with any problems you may have.

Difficult-to-use press release services might be a complete nightmare.

This is especially true if you’re a first-time business owner who hasn’t used similar services before.


It’s critical to have an interface that can help you comprehend the analytics related with your press releases.

This data can assist you in fine-tuning your strategy and determining what works and what doesn’t.

The top press release providers include detailed analytics so you can see how many people have read your release, how many have visited your website, and where the majority of your traffic is coming from.

It can be difficult to come up with the right optimization for placements, syndication, and obtaining industry-specific media.

The appropriate analytics can assist you in streamlining your efforts and maximizing your distribution.

The ability to generate detailed reporting in real-time is helpful for any type of business – including startups, those using press release writing services for reputation management, and anyone in between.

Multimedia and customization

The finest press release service is one that allows you to add multimedia with your releases (such as photographs and videos). It should also allow you to alter the design and change the layout of your press release.

Furthermore, some press release distribution providers include multimedia capabilities that allow you to generate films and photographs to aid in the promotion of your story.

This is a great feature because it ensures that you’re creating high-quality material that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Comprehensive Services

The best press release distribution businesses offer a wide range of services to assist you in telling your story as effectively as possible.

This includes providing pre-written templates, advice on how to write a decent press release, and suggestions for how to contact various media outlets.

They should also assist you in tracking the results of your campaign so that you can assess its effectiveness.

Having access to these services can be quite beneficial, especially if you’re new to press releases or haven’t used them before.


When looking for a press release distribution firm, cost is an important issue to consider.

The top services provide inexpensive pricing that won’t drain your bank account every time you send out a press release, so you won’t have to make any compromises if you’re on a budget.

The truth is that there are many subpar businesses out there who charge exorbitant charges for their services. On the other side, low-cost press release distribution providers may not offer all of the capabilities you require.

Finding a good balance can be challenging but not impossible.

To ensure that you are obtaining the greatest value available, you must shop around and compare your options. Keep in mind that some providers charge by the number of words in your press release, so the longer it is, the more you’ll spend.

Same day distribution

Press release distribution services that can provide your press release the same day are really useful because they help you to spread the word swiftly.

When your news is timely, using a company that provides immediate services is a terrific method to gain an advantage over your competitors and may save you money in the long run. After all, the sooner you put out a press release, the more likely it is that people will notice it and begin taking the necessary activities.

Blogger outreach

Many of the media outlets and websites to which PR distribution firms have access are linked to bloggers or other online influencers.

If you can use a blogger outreach service to connect into this network, you should do so because of the benefits it will bring to your campaign.

Blogger outreach is particularly advantageous because it enables you to identify influencers who might otherwise be overlooked in a typical press release distribution strategy.

This means that your business will get more exposure.

Professional Press Release Writing

You should never have to worry about a poorly written press release, whether you submit one or several.

Whatever form of press release you put out, a well-written one is required if you want it to be seen and spread by the media.

Professional press release writing (or proofreading/proof editing) is provided by the best PR distribution firms, allowing your message to reach as many people as possible while remaining accurately written.

Proofreading may be included in the features you receive when you join up in such circumstances, ensuring that your press release is error-free before you send it.

Other types of content creation offered by the press release sites

Some of the most popular press release sites have begun to shift their business models from simply distributing news releases to delivering content marketing services.

As a result, some of these services now provide content other than press releases. This can include things like:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Webinars

Offering this type of information allows the best PR distribution companies to compete more effectively. It also provides you with a broader selection of possibilities for publicizing your company’s cause or brand.

Customer support

Customer service is critical for any organization, especially those that provide customer-facing services like press release distribution businesses.

If you’re considering several choices and think you’ll need help at some point, you need to know that your chosen company will be there for you.

Any firm should have someone on hand to answer inquiries and assist with troubleshooting when something goes wrong.

National vs. international distribution

Understanding your target audience is crucial whether you’re going national or international.

When selecting the correct service for you, keep the following in mind:

The news release’s terminology
In what cultural context will the press release be distributed? In which countries will the service be available?
While national press release distribution is appropriate in some circumstances, worldwide press release distribution may be preferable if you want to reach a global audience or if your firm is transnational.

The reach of services that specialize in this form of distribution is greater than that of those that specialize in national distribution.

They also often have relationships with media outlets in multiple countries, giving your press release more exposure.

It’s crucial to note, however, that not all worldwide distribution systems have the same reach and capability. Before deciding on a service, make sure you do your homework and compare the options.

The number of press release distributions you will get

While some services allow you to send as many press releases as you like, others may have a limit on how many you can send in a certain period.

To plan ahead of time, you’ll need to know how many distributions you’ll receive from your selected service.

If you’re going to send out a lot of press releases, you’ll want a service that allows you to send out as many as you want.

If you only plan on sending one or two press releases, however, a service with a limit on the number of distributes may be more cost-effective.

Wrap Up.

When looking for the finest press release distribution service, bear in mind the target demographic for your press release, the type of material you want to share with it, and the number of times you want your press release to be sent out.

The partnership between your organization and the press release distribution company should be developed over time to ensure that you receive the best service for your specific demands.

To summarize, the most effective press release distribution sites at the moment are:

  • PRWeb: Best for releasing your press release to hundreds of sources.
  • PR Newswire: Best for sharing engaging material with your target audience.
  • PR Underground: Best for making the press release distribution process straightforward.

Check out these press release services while planning your next big move, whether you have a tiny firm that just released the latest event management software or own an international third-party logistics organization.

Have you ever written and distributed a press release? How did it turn out? When it comes to choosing a PR distribution provider, what do you look for? In the comments section below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.








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